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Stonebridge Commercial Finance Consultant (SBCF) designation is awarded by The Loan Consultants, Inc. to their nationwide network of independently owned and operated loan brokerage companies. These companies offer highly personalized service and help your company cut through the red tape in the financial lending arena that is often involved in securing business loans from banks and other lending institutions. Having a (SBCF) Stonebridge Commercial Finance Consultant on your team of professionals is an essential step of having positive financial outlook for your Business Venture

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Often, you can pay fewer points in exchange for a higher interest rate or more points for a lower rate. Ask your Stonebridge Commercial Finance Consultant about points and other fees.

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Economic Obsolescence occurs when a business equipment cannot keep up with the demands of the market or lacks the technology to help the business remain competitive.

Leasing helps avoid obsolescence by allowing you to upgrade every few years. In other words, if the equipment appreciates, buy it. If the equipment depreciates, lease it.

Lease & Loans

Many business owners continue to finance their equipment the "old fashioned" way, through loans, because they don't fully understand the potential benefits of leasing their equipment. These benefits can be seen in four important areas, initial cost, equipment obsolescence, tax benefit and off balance sheet financing. Because of these benefits, Businesses do not need to own their equipment, they only need to use it.

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